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NinjaGram Cracked – Instagram Bot (Update)

NinjaGram Latest Version Cracked – Instagram Bot Update

NinjaGram – Instagram bot number 1 in the world. Ninjagram latest version cracked is a universal marketing software that helps to process all Instagram information automatically, saves you a lot of time, gives you thousands of followers and helps you get more profit from this incredibly popular image sharing site!

What makes NinjaGram so special?


Mass follow targeted Instagram users, from any location in Instagram (search results, your feed, another user’s followers, or pictures taken at a particular location (NEW)!)


Mass unfollow users with various settings, such as only those who don’t follow you back or only users followed more than X days ago.


Mass like thousands of other finely targeted and filtered images on Instagram with the click of a button. Auto-like your own feed, monitor a tag, or images from anywhere in Instagram.


Automatically leave comments from a preset list on your targeted photos. Spintax allowed!

Superlike feature

Target users and like their recent photos (you can specify how many). Extremely effective method to gain more followers. Much more effective than just liking a single photo!

Auto-view stories

Automatically view the stories of other targeted accounts or monitor for new stories to view. Run this regularly!

Targeting filters

Filter users by number of followers, followings, posts, bio keywords, active stories, businesses, verified accounts and more. Filter pictures by number of likes, age and keywords.


Monitor a tag or location search and automatically like new pictures or follow users immediately. This ensures you are targeting only active users!

Auto-accept requests

If your account is set to private, then your follow requests can accumulate drastically. With NinjaGram you can automatically accept all your pending follower requests in one go!

Track usage and growth

All usage data is tracked and charted. See which of your stategies are the most effective over time.

Targeting options

Target another user’s followers or follows, tag search, users who liked or commented on a particular post, a specified location, your feed and users found on a Google search,

Multiple simultaneous actions

Follow, like, comment and view stories simultaneously, each with their own time delay settings.

Location search

Automatically like pictures taken at a certain location, or follow users posting from a location.

Image resizer

NinjaGram includes a general purpose image resizer. Resize any image(s) to custom dimensions for posting on Instagram or anywhere else!

Account protection

Use a random time delay setting as well as “breaks” at intervals to stay under the radar and avoid getting flagged for spamming.

Proxy support

Although not strictly necessary, you can hide your IP if you feel the need. Private proxies are also supported.


Avoid unfollowing your own known friends, or following, commenting, etc. certain people you would like to avoid.

Import/Export ID’s

Have a third-party list of users you want to follow? No problem! You can also export the usernames or photo ID’s to a text file to process elsewhere.

Top notch support

We strive to answer all messages within 24 hours (weekdays) and deliver regular updates to keep the software running bug-free.

Multiple accounts

Perform all these actions on one account, or use multiple accounts simultaneously.

NinjaGram Cracked


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